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Second Chips Rush Tournament 2024 at the Palace

Klick hier, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen. Dear friends of the Palace, This summer we have a refreshing chips shower in store for you: The Chips Rush Tournament returns! On Saturday, July 20, 2024, it starts at 8:30 pm CET. This speci ...

15. July

Summer Tournament 2024: The Winners

Klick hier, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen. UPDATE: The winners of the Summer Tournament 2024 are determined! Dear winners, to access your certificates, click your player name in the table below. Upon doing so, your certificate will be di ...

24. June

Change of Payment Options

Klickt hier, um den Beitrag auf Deutsch zu lesen. Dear friends of the Palace, The payment options for voluntary purchases in the Palace Games underwent a change. Where? You can notice this change if you play any Palace Game via the brows ...

24. June


Pinochle School

We accumulated Pinochle knowledge for you here! You can delve into individual aspects of the game in our Pinochle Lessons. Other than that, you will get a good overview with the following:

  • Our Pinochle manual explains anything relevant for a few rounds of Pinochle at the Palace!
  • And our alphabetical Pinochle Glossary is ready to help if you come across an unfamiliar term.
  • For those of you with historical interest, we present the Pinochle history.

Pinochle Lessons

Find detailed explanations and helpful advice on playing Pinochle free online or offline in our lessons! Check out the fundamentals or read up on the game’s specifics.

When you want to read one of the lessons, click the respective image and jump to the thorough explanation.

Lesson 1: Pinochle Profile

This is the place to get hard facts on Pinochle. Find out what is coming at you to enter the fray more organized!

Read up on the number of players, the material, the game type, and the course of the game in this Pinochle Lesson.

Lesson 2: Melds in Pinochle

Though Pinochle is a trick-taking game, melds – specific combinations of cards – play a role here. In this lesson, we take a close look at the way this element fits into the game and which melds there are in Pinochle.

Lesson 3: Bidding in Pinochle

Before any melding or trick-taking can go down, a few numbers will fly across the room when playing Pinochle. That is called bidding, and it can seem a bit confusing at first. But we are here today to clear up what these numbers and the bidding are all about.

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Finally, you can play the classic card game Pinochle online! Classic card games enjoy high popularity, regardless of how many mobile and video games enter the market each year. To give the joy of playing cards a digital home, we – Spiele Palast GmbH – realize card games with love for detail. To some, Pinochle is a piece of home, consciously cherished, whether they are living in Germany’s Württemberg area or are spread all over the globe.

Play Pinochle Online

At the Pinochle Palace, a great number of players is available at any time. That way, you can play cards easily whenever it suits you. Everyone can join according to their preferences – using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With us, you get to play Pinochle for free and cross-platform:

  • browser game
  • Windows software
  • via Facebook
  • via Amazon
  • iOS app
  • Android app

To make Pinochle run smoothly, you need a proper internet connection! An additional mobile connection is required when playing on the go, so you always get real opponents and a realistic playing experience!

We developed several additional card decks optimized regarding readability for smaller screens and strained eyes. Additionally, our Pinochle app supports switching between portrait and landscape mode on mobile devices. Thus, the game automatically adjusts the interface to your number of free hands.

How to Play Pinochle

Pinochle is an interesting game of the trick-taking family. It involves classic bidding and trick-taking as usual. But on top, there is also melding! At the Pinochle Palace, you can choose from the most popular modes: three-player Pinochle and four-player Pinochle. A game of four turns into Cross Pinochle, where two teams of two players oppose one another.

Pinochle has strong roots in Germany and the USA. Thus, traditional decks are either the Württembergian Pinochle pattern or the American pattern. Both come in a double deck with four suits that each present five ranks twice, resulting in 40 cards in total. There are more differences between the German and American Pinochle traditions. At the Pinochle Palace, you can play either variant. Our basic game presents the German rules. But custom rules can model the game to your habit.

Generally, Pinochle comes in the three phases bidding, melding, and trick-taking. During bidding, each player estimates the number of points they could score by melding and trick-taking. You win the bidding by surpassing your fellow players’ bids. Now, you are declarer and get to pick up the kitty and declare the game.

While melding, you may announce specific combinations of your hand cards in order to gain points for them. After melding comes the trick-taking with specific rules on how to follow suit. To find out everything in detail, you can have a look at our Pinochle manual or look up individual terms in our Pinochle glossary.

After the last trick, it is time to sum up the scores. Points from tricks are added to the points from melds. Did the declarer reach their bid? Our algorithm takes care of the evaluation! Do not worry if that sounds complicated. You will quickly get the hang of it.

Just Play

You can learn anything little by little. We came up with a few ideas to help you ease into playing Pinochle online.

On mobile devices, you can use our Pinochle app without creating an account. Just finish the tutorial and, afterward, look for fellow players by tapping Quick Match. That way, you are placed at a table with matching players. But you are also free to select your next table by hand. Once you sit at a table at the Palace, you automatically collect experience points which enable you to level up gradually.

With a verified game profile, you can access your personal, up-to-date account anytime from multiple devices with the help of your email address and password. Make a name for yourself and participate in the free league system! If you are into competitions, you can play in tournaments and, ideally, win Chips prizes! Of course, you can connect with like-minded players. Try the Pinochle clubs in our game or check out our Facebook page.

Your Premium Game

The longer and more intensively you play, the more an upgrade from the free account to the Premium membership makes sense! If you enjoy playing with personalized rules, you will benefit from the chance to set up your own tables with your favorite custom rules – Bigger Deck, No Kitty, or American, among others – at your pleasure.

Of course, you choose whether you want to play a game of three or a game of four and if your table is public or not. As a Premium member, you get to select your fellow players and, if you wish, ignore individual players.

Pinochle Etiquette

The joy of playing and the competitive spirit are our primary focus here! Pinochle requires game experience, clever strategy, and a little bit of luck from time to time! So, you should not be bitter about occasionally losing a game.

As we bring you together online, the occasional black sheep might appear in the Pinochle community. With various settings to protect your privacy, you are in control of your game. So, if anyone acts unfairly or improperly, you can report them or turn to our service team with the table ID. We check every case.

Online & Fair

We are using a completely proof method for shuffling cards to ensure optimal results and rule out any manipulation. Our method is tested and approved by an independent institute. That way, we provide equal and fair conditions for all players at the Palace.

Feel free to turn to our support team if you need further assistance. They see into all games, and you can always reach out to them at support@pinochle-palace.com.

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